Fresh Orange Juice, a must at only $5.50
Pineapple, Cloudy Apple, Tomato $4.70

Fruit Salad GF
A combination of seasonal fresh fruits, unadorned $12.50

House Special

Rudi's Swiss Muesli

Wonderful combination of oats, nuts & dried fruits soaked overnight with grated apple, orange juice and honey served with your choice of cream or yoghurt. Definitely healthy, nutritious & delicious $10.50

Labneh, sliced tomato & smashed avocado on lightly toasted wholegrain bread and topped with a walnut dukkah $15.50
- With poached egg or bacon$18.50
- The Lot$21.50

Healthy Start NEW
- 2 poached eggs, fresh avocado, steamed baby spinach, smoked salmon and a thick slice of wholegrain toast $23.00
- 2 eggs with 2 rashers of bacon on our home-made toasted white or wholegrain bread $15.50

Sausages and Eggs
Another favourite 2 eggs with 2 beef sausages on our home-made toasted white or wholegrain bread $15.50

Canadian Breakfast
2 eggs and 2 rashers of bacon with 2 buttermilk pancakes, butter & maple syrup$18.00

Our warm, crusty bread split and topped with freshly cooked creamy, scrambled eggs$14.00

Eggs Benedict 7am - 2pm
Poached eggs on ham on toast topped with hollandaise sauce $18.00
Smoked salmon instead of ham $19.50

Eggs Florentine 7am - 2pm
Poached eggs & spinach on toast with hollandaise sauce $18.00

The Big Breakfast
The lot you'd better be hungry! 2 eggs, a sausage, rasher of bacon, grilled tomato, grilled hash browns and home-made toast $22.00


Warm croissant with butter and jam $5.20

Fresh crusty roll

with butter and honey, marmalade, strawberry jam, vegemite or peanut butter $3.50


Pumpkin Soup
Mother never made it like this. Served with our own homemade crusty bread and butter.$14.50

Like Italian mamas still make. A meal in itself - rich with bacon, a medley of vegetables, herbs, pasta & all the joys of an Italian kitchen. Topped with Parmesan cheese. Includes our crusty bread.$14.50

3 slices of bread toasted & topped with tomatoes, olives, onions and feta cheese $16.50

Salt & Pepper Squid GF
Succulent marinated spicy strips of squid, deep fried, garnished with lemon and served with a dipping sauce $19.00

Spaghetti Bolognese
Made from an authentic Italian recipe  another old favourite but always popular with the family. A trio of meats & fresh herbs tossed in spaghetti and dusted with finely shaved Parmesan cheese. $19.00 Main $27.00

Fettuccine Boscaiola
Another favourite bacon, mushroom & cream sauce smothering fettuccine and topped with Parmesan cheese. $21.00 Main $29.00

Spaghetti with Prawns & Rocket
Prawns sauteed with chilli & garlic, tossed through the pasta with fresh rocket, topped with crispy crumbs. $23.00 Main $32.00

Smoked Salmon
Delicious slices of smoked salmon with aioli, onion rings and capers served with our warm crusty bread.$22.00

Caesar Salad
Cos lettuce dressed with the famous Caesar dressing & topped with crispy bacon bits, garlic croutons, anchovies and Parmesan cheese delicious! $21.00 with sliced Thai Chicken $27.00

Seafood Mornay Crepes
Scallops, prawns and fish fillets cooked in a creamy mornay sauce and wrapped in a delicate crepe served with a small salad $20.00

Crispy Torpedo Prawns NEW
Panko crusted torpedo prawns with lemon and Aioli $18.00


Journo Burger ($19.50 - $25.50)
Every hard working JournoÕs staple diet. Thick home-made hamburger:
- Standard with onions $19.50
- Cheese add $2.80
- Bacon, Egg add $3.00 each
- The lot $25.50
*All served with chips, of course!
Double Cheese Burger NEW ($24.00)
Generous home-made burger covered in double molten cheese, American mustard, tomato sauce and salad.
Served with beer battered chips.
Headliner Burger ($24.00)
Crumbed Chicken Loins, Guacamole & Maple Bacon plus all the toppings that you love served with chips & sauce
Same options as Journo Burger
Pulled Pork Burger NEW ($24.00)
Succulent Texan BBQ pulled pork burger with coleslaw and beer battered chips
Steak or Chicken Burger ($25.00)
Prime rump steak or Thai chicken breast fillets and all the usual trimmings on a roll served with chips
Same options as Journo Burger
Vegie Burger ($24.00)
And now one for the vegetarians fresh vegetables with lentils and oats with a hint of ginger & soy in a grain burger bun topped with satay sauce & served with chips


All bread baked in the City Extra kitchens.All bread baked in the City Extra kitchens.

Large, fresh crusty white or wholegrain roll with butter $3.00

Garlic Bread $4.80

Crispy side salad $7.40

Shredded Hash Brown Potatoes $7.00

Beer Battered Chips per serve$6.70

- Basket $10.80


Fried Egg $3.00


Sausage GF $3.00

Grilled Tomatoes $2.80

Grilled Mushrooms $2.80

Spinach (cooked) $4.00

Substitute Garlic Bread for roll with the meal add $1.80


Fish 'N Chips
Old faithful - deep fried fillets in a crisp beer batter with chips, a small salad and hot, crusty bread a favourite with the early settlers. For the diet conscious - fillets can be
grilled on the hotplate.$32.00
Fishermans Catch
Deep fried prawns, calamari and fish fillets with chips and a small salad on the side. $36.00
Atlantic Salmon Fillet GF
Grilled salmon fillet with fresh aioli on mashed potato, with a small salad & hot crusty bread $36.00
Seafood Mornay Crepes
Main course version - Scallops, prawns and fish fillets cooked in a creamy mornay sauce and wrapped in two delicate crepes served with a small salad & choice of chips or a warm crusty roll & butter $30.00
Grilled Thai Chicken Fillets
Plump breast fillets marinated in oil, lemon, sweet chilli sauce with herbs and spices, chargrilled and served with mango chutney, chips and a small salad $32.00
Chicken Schnitzel
Crumbed chicken fillet served with chips & a small salad and a choice of pepper , mushroom or tomato & basil sauce $28.00
Shepherd's Pie
Individual pie of prime beef mince, peas & carrots baked under a crust of creamy mashed potato & sprinkle of Parmesan cheese served with salad garnish & hot crusty bread $26.00
Seafood Mornay Pie
Scallops, prawns and fish fillets cooked in a creamy mornay sauce and topped with puff pastry served with a side salad and hot crusty bread $30.00
Pumpkin Frittata
Grated pumpkin, chopped potato, onions, cheese, chives and a hint of ginger mixed with eggs, topped with poppy seeds and baked. A light meal served warm with a small salad & hot crusty bread.$21.00
Roasted Vegetable Tart
A mixture of roasted vegetables baked into an individual warm pastry tart & topped with pesto and Parmesan cheese. Served with a side salad. A light meal for just$19.50  Roasted Pumpkin & Sweet
Corn Salad NEW
Served with avocado, toasted salad seeds, fresh coriander, mixed leaves and a Tahini dressing. Comes with our crusty bread.$22.00
Lasagne al Forno
Layer upon layer of pasta, fine ground beef and rich tomato sauce cooked with herbs and smothered in cheese, topped with Parmesan cheese. Served with a small salad $26.00
Chargrilled Steak
T-Bone $36.00 350gm prime T-bone
or Rump Steak $34.00 350gm of rump steak
both chargrilled to order and served with chips & a salad garnish and choice of mushroom and red wine sauce or pepper sauce or garlic butter. Takes longer for well done.
Victorian Mixed Grill
If you can't make up your mind this dish is for you - a bit of everything. Prime chargrilled rump steak, buffalo chicken wings, bacon and sausage, served with grilled tomato, chips and a small salad added$35.00
Lamb Shanks GF
Lamb shank slow roasted in a mint and tomato sauce sitting on a bed of creamy mashed potato served with baby peas.
1 shank $26.00
2 shanks $34.00


Fish'n Chips Snack

Deep fried fingers of fish with lemon & chips served in a basket. $19.50

Calamari Basket
Deep fried calamari rings with lemon and chips $22.00

Buffalo Wings NEW
Crispy, spicy & very moreish. Served with a blue cheese dipping sauce $16.00

Avocado Nachos GF
Avocado dip and beef & chilli beans topped with sour cream on a spicy
tomato salsa over corn chips topped with melting cheese $21.00


White roll, split for triple decker and toasted, stuffed with bacon, lettuce and tomato and dressed with mayonnaise served with chips $23.00

Toasted Sandwich -
Vegetable - filled with roasted vegetables, pesto & Parmesan cheese
Ham, Grain Mustard, Cheese & Tomato -
just as it says$14.00

Ham & Cheese Croissant
Warm croissant stuffed with ham & cheese & garnished with a small
salad $14.00

Raisin Toast
2 thick slices of our own homemade raisin bread toasted & dripping with butter. $5.80

Hot Scones
2 Scones, Jam & Cream $6.20

Banana Bread
2 toasted slices served with butter $6.70

Triple Chocolate Brownie
Luscious fudgy brownie. $5.10

Blueberry Muffins
2 warm homemade muffins & butter. $7.80

Savoury Muffins
2 warm spinach & feta cheese muffins
with butter $8.50

Homemade large - choc chunk or macadamia white chocolate $3.00


World Famous Pavlova

Crunchy on the outside, chewy on the inside - comes as a job lot with strawberries, passionfruit, bananas
& cream. Dances to the table for $13.80

Creme Brulee GF
Rich vanilla custard base speckled with vanilla seeds under a glassy toffee crust. $12.50

Bowl of Strawberries GF $9.50
- With cream $11.00 With ice cream $12.50

Lemon Indulgence NEW
Our unique take on lemon meringue topped with crumbled Pavlova crust. $12.50

Chocolate Mousse NEW
Decadent and sinful, this rich chocolate mousse will satisfy the most ardent chocolate lover $12.50

Grandma's Apple Crumble GF
Apples gently stewed with cinnamon & cloves & topped with crunchy walnut, coconut & treacle crumble. Served with cream or ice cream.$12.50

Sticky Toffee Pudding Warm
date pudding with vanilla ice cream & irresistible sticky toffee sauce$12.50

Almond & Coconut Cake GF
Moist flourless cake served with cream or vanilla ice cream.$12.50



Pancake Stacks
Fresh buttermilk pancakes with whipped butter and maple syrup -
Single $5.30  Double $8.80  Triple $12.50

Fresh Strawberry Pancakes
Strawberries atop 2 buttermilk pancakes with ice cream $18.00
*Can be served with 3 crepes instead

Grilled Banana Pancakes
2 Buttermilk pancakes topped with grilled banana, cinnamon sugar and maple syrup & ice cream $16.90
*Can be served with 3 crepes instead

Apple & Cinnamon Pancakes
2 Buttermilk pancakes topped with warm spiced apple, a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar, maple syrup & ice cream. $16.90
* Can be served with 3 crepes instead

Lemon & Sugar Buttermilk Pancakes
2 buttermilk pancakes with lemon juice, sugar and ice cream $15.90
* Can be served with 3 crepes instead


Ice Cream & Hot Chocolate or Caramel Fudge GF
Vanilla ice cream topped with sinful, hot fudge or caramel sauce. No fudging, spend $7.50 & it's yours.

Ice Cream and Topping GF
Vanilla ice cream with your favourite topping. Urgent sale hard to sell in competition with all other delights. $7.00


Fish 'N Chips in a basket $14.50
Chicken tenderloins & chips $14.50
Kid's Steak $14.50
Sausages (2) & chips GF $12.00
Spaghetti Bolognese & Parmesan cheese $11.00
Spaghetti Napolitano $9.00
Single Pancake with ice cream $8.30
Ice cream and flavouring $7.00
Kiddycinno $1.00

*Pencils & colouring in picture available


Yellowglen $33.00
- By the glass$8.50
Prosecco ITALY $35.00
- By the glass $9.50
Brown Brothers Crouchen & Riesling (Fruity) $32.00
- By the glass$10.00
Wynns Coonawarra Riesling $34.00
- By the glass $10.40
Flinders Bay Sauvignon Blanc Semillon $32.00
- By the glass $10.00
Aroha Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc NZ $32.00
- By the glass $10.00
McKenzie & Grace Chardonnay $29.00
- By the glass $9.00
Villa Teresa Pinot Grigio ITALY $32.00
- By the glass $10.00
Brown Brothers Moscato$35.00
- By the glass $10.50
Terre de St Louis Rose FRANCE $36.00
- By the glass $10.60
Flinders Bay Cabernet Sauvignon $34.00
- By the glass $10.40
Mountadam Cabernet Sauvignon EDEN VALLEY $49.00
- By the glass $15.00
Villa Teresa Merlot ITALY $32.00
- By the glass $10.00
Te Ora Reserve Pinot Noir NZ $38.00
- By the glass $11.00
Archers Point Shiraz $35.00
- By the glass $10.50
Best's Bin 1 Shiraz GREAT WESTERN $52.00
- By the glass $16.00
Grand Marnier, Baileys Irish Cream, Tia Maria, Kahlua, Sambuca, Cointreau$9.50
Liquer coffee $9.90
Irish coffee $9.90
* City Extra has a Drink or Dine liquor license allowing customers to order alcohol without ordering a meal.
Coffee by Vittoria Regular / Mega
Filtered Coffee $4.30 / $5.30
Cappuccino/Skinnyccino $4.90 / $5.90
Flat White/Long Black $4.90 / $5.90
Short Black or Machiatto $3.90 / $4.90
Decaffeinated Coffee $5.10 / $6.10
Caffe Latte $4.90 / $5.90
Mocha $4.90 / $5.90
Chai Latte $5.90 / $7.60
Vienna Coffee $5.90
Deluxe Hot Chocolate $5.90
- With soya milk add 60c
- With almond milk add 80c
- Extra shot of coffee add 60c
Affogato $6.00 with liqueur $12.50
Pot of Ceylon Tea $4.90
Twinings Teas:- English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Chai or Java Green $4.90
Peppermint or Camomile Tea $4.90
Lipton Iced Tea Lemon or Peach $4.90
Iced Latte or Iced Long BlackÉ..$4.90
Iced Chocolate, Coffee, Mocha
or Strawberry $6.00
- Bumper Special $8.00
Flavoured Milk $2.90
Lemonade, Coca Cola, Diet Coke, Soda Water, Orange Fanta, Lemon Soda Squash$4.90
- Bumper Special $6.20
Bitters, Lime & Mixer $5.30
- Bumper Special $7.10
Mineral Water (500ml) $6.20
Mt. Franklin Still Spring Water(600ml bottle) $4.00
Tomato, Pineapple or Cloudy Apple Juice$4.70
- Bumper Special$6.10
Fresh Orange Juice$5.50
- Bumper Special $7.20
Copy Boys Creamy Shake-Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Caramel, Coffee or Banana $6.20
- Bumper Special $7.70
Banana or Strawberry Smoothie -
- Bumper size only $7.70
Hahn Premium Light $7.00
Tooheys New $8.00
Pure Blonde $8.00
Victoria Bitter $8.00
Coopers Pale Ale $8.00
Fat Yak Pale Ale $8.00
Peroni Azzurro $8.20
Crown Lager $8.50
Corona $8.50
James Squire One Fifty Lashes Pale Ale $8.50
James Squire Nine Tales Amber Ale $8.50
Pure Blonde Crisp Apple Cider $8.00
Bulmers Pear Cider- alcoholic $8.20
Will help you fly
Luscious Lois Lane$16.50
Peach Brandy, Orange Juice, sparkling white
Jimmy Olsen's Update$16.50
Midori, Malibu, Pineapple Juice, Cream
Phone Booth Special $16.50
Bacardi, Strawberry Liqueur, Grenadine, Lemon Juice, sparkling white
Up the Duff $16.50
Coffee Liqueur, Creme de Cacao, Brandy, Cream, Ice Cream
Michelle's Tropical Fruit Cocktail
(Non-alcoholic) Fruit Juices, Passionfruit Pulp, Cream & Ice$12.00
Bloody Mary$9.90
Scotch, Southern Comfort, Midori, Bourbon, Brandy, Bacardi, Rum,
Vodka, Gin$9.00